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Out 23rd Rehabilitation and Spiritual Leadership Retreat will be held from Friday, June 5th through Sunday, June 7th.  Our retreats provide a time for our brothers to do a deep dive into God's Word and engage in Spirit-filled fellowship through Christ.  Praise God!

tentative SCHEDULE FOR 2020


  • January 19: New Year Worship Service (Volunteer Appreciation Event)
  • February 10: Stepping Stone Mission Board of Directors Meeting
  • February 23: Stepping Stone Choir Team at Living Hope Lutheran Church
  • March 2 to 4: LCMS Florida-Georgia District's Veterans of the Cross Conference 
  • April 12: Easter Sunday: Christ is risen!  He is risen indeed!
  • May 18: Stepping Stone Mission Board of Directors Meeting
  • June 5 to 7: 23rd Rehabilitation & Spiritual Leadership Retreat
  • June 24 to 26: LCMS Korean Pastors' Conference
  • August 23: Stepping Stone Mission Annual Benefit Concert 
  • September 17: Sharing & Caring Festival with Lutheran Outreach Partnership
  • ​​September 21: Stepping Stone Mission Board of Directors Meeting​
  • September 24 to 26: LCMS Florida-Georgia District President's Equip Conference
  • October 9 to 11: 24th Rehabilitation & Spiritual Leadership Retreat
  • November 20: Thanksgiving Winter Jacket Giveaway Event 
  • November 26: Thanksgiving Day
  • December 14: Stepping Stone Mission Board of Directors Annual Retreat 
  • December 19: Christmas Winter Jacket Giveaway Event
  • December 25: Christmas Day



A Word for Our Korean Partners

If you would prefer to view this page in the Korean language, the Google website translator tool can be used to translate this page.