upcoming eventS

On Sunday, January 19th, we look forward to gathering with our partners, sponsors, volunteers, and the other helpers for our New Year Worship Service.  It will be a time to praise God for the year behind, to thank Him for all those who have joined us in His service, and to prayerfully consider the year ahead! 

tentative SCHEDULE FOR 2020


  • January 19: New Year Worship Service (Volunteer Appreciation Event)
  • February 10: Stepping Stone Mission Board of Directors Meeting
  • February 21 to 23: 24th Rehabilitation & Spiritual Leadership Retreat
  • March 2 to 4: LCMS Florida-Georgia District's Veterans of the Cross Conference 
  • April 11: Sharing & Caring Festival in Celebration of our Risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
  • April 12: Easter Sunday 
  • May 18: Stepping Stone Mission Board of Directors Meeting
  • June 5 to 7: 25th Rehabilitation & Spiritual Leadership Retreat
  • June 24 to 26: LCMS Korean Pastors' Conference
  • August 23: Stepping Stone Mission Annual Benefit Concert 
  • September 17: Sharing & Caring Festival with Lutheran Outreach Partnership
  • ​​September 21: Stepping Stone Mission Board of Directors Meeting​
  • October 9 to 11: 26th Rehabilitation & Spiritual Leadership Retreat
  • November 20: Thanksgiving Winter Jacket Giveaway Event 
  • November 26: Thanksgiving Day
  • December 14: Stepping Stone Mission Board of Directors Annual Retreat 
  • December 19: Christmas Winter Jacket Giveaway Event
  • December 25: Christmas Day



A Word for Our Korean Partners

If you would prefer to view this page in the Korean language, the Google website translator tool can be used to translate this page.